Vet tech takes in bald, neglected puppy and 3 months later she’s unrecognizable

Photos taken of a dog named Honey when she first got to a vet’s office in West Sussex, England are hard to look at. Hairless, mange-infested, and miserable, the puppy likely wouldn’t have made it had she not been removed from her original home.

But we promise the “after” photos are worth the read!

The puppy was no sweetheart when vets first met her, but vet tech and dog-lover Jessie DeFreitas of Crawley, West Sussex saw past her cranky demeanor and hairless, irritated little body and understood that it was all a result of the neglect she had experienced. It was her “beautiful eyes” that made DeFreitas want to take her in.

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After checking her out, the vet’s office convinced Honey’s owners to give her up – they clearly could not take care of the dog properly on their own.

Luckily, the owners agreed and signed her over to the vet’s office – otherwise, she might not have made it. The mange alone – a disease caused by parasitic mites – was eating her alive and she required constant care.

“These dogs appear to be beyond hope — hairless, with skin covered in sores or with thickened, hard, crusty patches,” the American Kennel Club says about dogs with the condition.

Mange is also terribly painful for animals, whose instinct is to itch and further damage their skin.

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DeFreitas just knew that Honey could thrive if she was given the care she deserved. So she offered to foster the dog.

“She needed constant care. I asked to foster the dog,” said the 21-year-old. “My mum asked if I was sure because we already have four cats and another rescue dog at home. But everyone knows I love animals. At the vets I’m constantly asking about people’s pets.”

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That’s right – it wasn’t just DeFreitas who made the commitment, it was her mom as well. And both women deserve credit for taking in the high-maintenance dog.

It was DeFreitas’ mom who decided that while she would help take care of Honey, the name just didn’t fit the neglected creature with the anything-but-sweet attitude. Honey was a bit of a terror – and she liked to bite.

“When we first brought her home, she was a playful biter. Her original name, Honey, didn’t fit her at all,” DeFreitas told SWNS News. “To me, Honey is sweet and she is not. My mum named her Terra with an ‘a’ because it fit her better – she can be a little terror.”

Despite the challenges, the dog has thrived. Terra has now been in the DeFreitas home for many months and she’s a whole new animal!

Just look at this sweet furball now:

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Once she got the care and affection she needed, her fur grew in and her demeanor changed entirely.

“She’s recovered really well. You can see it in her eyes – she’s become happier and happier,” she said. “She’s amazing. She’s just the kindest and sweetest thing.”

We can’t believe this is the same dog covered in mange in the first photo!

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Throughout the ordeal, it was the sweet and soulful eyes that DeFreitas first fell in love with that were a constant – they’re hard to resist!

When the story was posted on Facebook, it warmed the hearts of commenters everywhere:

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While we wish Honey/Terra had never had to go through the hard times, it’s incredible to see her transformation.

Be sure to remember all the needy and redeemable animals out there next time you go to adopt a pet!

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Source: Metro, Fox 7 News, real fix via Facebook