Veteran knowingly breaks the law to rescue overheated puppy locked in hot car

It’s never easy to do anything when it’s searing hot and humid as hell. Not everyone’s got air-conditioning to keep themselves cool when things get hot. Most of us have to settle for simple electric fans and shorts.

Now imagine living in this heat with a full coat of fur. Yeah, not so easy, is it?

Facebook - Jason Minson Source: Facebook - Jason Minson

Our four-legged, furry companions are the most vulnerable of us during summer. All they can do is pant and drink water to keep cool. It’s not hard to see why we’re always told not to keep them inside cars when it’s hot.

Well, it seems like we’ve got to remind people some more.

Facebook - Jason Minson Source: Facebook - Jason Minson

Virginia resident Jason Minson happened to walk by one very hot car one workday, with a very scared and hot dog inside.

It wasn’t clear how long the owner was gone, or when they were coming back.

Facebook - Jason Minson Source: Facebook - Jason Minson

What was clear was that the dog had been in there way too long.

Judging from its panting and frantic pacing.

Jason is an Army veteran, and his day job is that of a landscaper. His workdays usually aren’t this tense or interesting. In fact, he’d only found out about the dog in the car after another car almost collided with them.

He went over to check and was treated to the sight of this dog panting for its life.

Facebook - Jason Minson Source: Facebook - Jason Minson

He called 911 for help and was told that the police were on the way to help out.

Hopefully, that wouldn’t take too long.

But with each passing minute, the dog seemed to have a harder and harder time. It was like a timer was counting down, and Jason couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.

Facebook - Jason Minson Source: Facebook - Jason Minson

He gave the dog some water, which might have helped it a bit. It drank down every last bit of the water. Then Jason gave it another bottle, and the dog drank it up like it didn’t just have a whole bottle prior. This was a very thirsty – and very, very hot dog.

Help wasn’t here yet, and the dog’s condition didn’t seem to get any better.

It seemed like water only delayed the worst rather than prevented it, and something had to be done.

Facebook - Jason Minson Source: Facebook - Jason Minson

The police told Jason not to break open the car windows. He had little to disagree with originally, but that was several long minutes ago. After learning that the dog was heavily dehydrated and not wanting to wait any longer, he finally gave in and smashed the window open.

The dog was out, and Jason could relax a bit.

Sure, smashing open car windows isn’t usually a stress-reliever, but a life was on the line here.

Facebook - Jason Minson Source: Facebook - Jason Minson

He could take a breather now.

Well, he made the right move as it turned out. The law makes a pretty clear case about breaking open car windows to save distressed animals inside. This meant Jason wasn’t to be charged with any crimes.

The same couldn’t be said for the owner of the car and dog who left that poor pooch in there. As for the dog, it was treated at a veterinary hospital.

Facebook - Jason Minson Source: Facebook - Jason Minson

Needless to say, it wasn’t going back to its previous owner.

Never leave your pets inside the car when it’s hot! That coat of fur is a lot hotter than it looks, and panting only does so much. Don’t wait for someone to come and smash your car window while you’re gone.

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Source: Jason Minson on Facebook, ABC 7 NY