Veterinarian urges public to STOP giving rawhide bones as dog gifts

Anyone who knows anything about dogs knows how much they like to chew. Whether it is their favorite toy or simply something they have found lying around, chances are that your dog might chew on it. Not only does the act of chewing keep their mind active, it can also help them keep their teeth clean. You should avoid giving them one item according to one veterinarians.

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Dr. Jevon Clark, one of the vets giving the warning, says rawhide bones are potentially dangerous for your pet. A veterinarian at the Kalispell Animal Clinic in Montana, Dr. Clark is quick to caution dog owners about giving these types of items to their dog. His reasoning is simple:

“Oftentimes dogs are able to get those things all soft and gross and gushy and swallow great big chunks of them which can pass through their esophagus into their stomach, but then they can’t get out of their stomach,” Dr. Clark explained in a KAJ 18 video.

Blockage from a rawhide bone fragment

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Dr. Clark explained the potential problems this kind of blockage could cause and the extreme remedies that can arise from the intestinal blockage it can cause. Sometimes this can even result in the dog having to get surgery to remove the large object.

“And so, they can either get intestinal blockage in their small intestine. Or, they actually just stay in the stomach and we have to go in and get those things out,” he added.

What is intestinal blockage in dogs and is it serious?

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Intestinal blockage in a dog happens when an item partially or fully blocks the small intestines. This can result in the partial or full blockage of food and fluids through the small intestine. Blockage can lead to further complications as the blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract is blocked.

Deadly complications arising from intestinal blockage

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This can result in the death of intestinal tissue and even perforation of the walls of the small intestine. Furthermore, bacteria from the bowels can spill back into the abdominal cavity, causing septic peritonitis, a potentially deadly condition if not caught early enough. If you know that your dog has an intestinal obstruction, you should call your vet immediately.

Symptoms of an intestinal blockage

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Symptoms of an intestinal blockage include vomiting, a loss of appetite, and straining during a bowel movement, among other symptoms. Some common treatments include using induced vomiting to remove the obstruction or surgery. For more on this potentially deadly condition, check out Wag!.

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Instead of rawhide bones, Dr. Clark suggests that dog owners get their dog rubber or nylon chew toys. Items made of these types of materials are less likely to break down into small parts which can cause an obstruction.

In this video, Dr. Clark warns pet owners of the dangers of giving their dogs rawhide bones.

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