Baby girl with Down Syndrome goes viral after she shows adoptive mom her big smile

If you’re yet to find your daily dose of “Aww!”, you’ve come to the right place. This super-cute video of a baby girl beaming at her adoptive mom has gone viral, and it’s exactly the sort of positivity we need to see on social media right now.

The video, which features an 8-month old baby known as “Baby H”, was shared by National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, with the caption “New smiles are the best smiles!” People just can’t get enough of the video, and it has so far been shared nearly 400,000 times, and has more than 200,000 reactions and 28k comments.

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The little girl has downs syndrome, and while this genetic disorder can slow physical development somewhat, babies with down syndrome can smile at pretty much the same time than other children.

And here to prove it with her own beaming smile is Baby H.

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In the video, Baby H is doing what all babies do best – lying on the floor enjoying some tummy time. Mom asks,

“How’s your day going?”

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To which her adorable adopted baby responds with the biggest, most adorable grin we have ever seen. Mom coos,

“Aww, I love your new smile! That is the cutest.”

Which only makes Baby H smile all the more.

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Like any proud mom, Baby H’s adoptive momma asks if her little girl could show her again. Baby H is clearly loving her new skill as much as everyone else, as she’s more than happy to reward us all with another super-sweet smile!

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In fact, her smile gets so wide, we’re surprised it can fit on her face. Baby H’s adoptive mom is so amused by her little one’s big grin that she can’t help giggling along with her bub. She says,

“That is the cutest!”

This woman is obviously loving her role as a new parent, and we fully agree. There’s something undeniably lovable about this baby girl, from her big grin, to the excitable way she wiggles her body on her play mat.

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The video is pretty typical of the sort of content you can find on the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network. The page proudly shows off photos and videos of its down syndrome children who have found loving homes with new parents in the network’s adoption scheme.

If you can’t wait to have children yourself, or looking at babies just makes your heart feel warm and content, this is definitely the page for you.

It’s a place of happiness, acceptance and love, which isn’t always the easiest to find online nowadays!

There’s certainly lots of love to go around in the comments beneath the video of Baby H. One person commented:

“Omg so precious! That smile though”

While another person commented:

“My heart melts everytime i watch”

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Come to think of it, that’s exactly what happens to our hearts when we watch this video.

Baby H is clearly living her best life with her new mom at her home in Texas, and we wish her all the best for the future. By the looks of things, Baby H and her momma are going to enjoy many smiles from this day on.

Scroll down to watch the full adorable video of Baby H grinning from ear to ear.

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New Smile!

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Posted by National Down Syndrome Adoption Network on Monday, October 7, 2019

Source: Diply,, National Down Syndrome Adoption Network