Sweet video shows Mama golden retriever comforting the puppy that couldn’t find her

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Every mother knows the fragile sense of freedom that comes with your baby falling asleep. This poor dog mother thought it would last long enough to have some me-time.

If you were to ask someone “What do babies do?” most people’s first answer would be “cry.” And oh boy do they cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry.

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But it’s also true that in between crying, there’re short bursts of sleep. Most motherhood manuals recommend mothers to sleep whenever the baby is sleeping. But most mothers flaunt this rule now and then. After all, it’s important to make time for yourself.

That means mothers try to undertake their favorite activities very, very quietly as the baby sleeps. Of course, the slightest noise can set the baby off, as this dog mother knows only too well.

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On May 23rd, the mother dog gave birth to nine little bundles of joy. Like all mothers, she was super happy but soon overwhelmed!

One night, her litter of nine puppies had all managed to fall asleep.

So the mother decided to tiptoe away and go say hi to her humans.

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But just before she had made it to the stairs, one of her babies, Jimbo, started crying. Something had set him off.

The mother realized that she would have to come all the way back and spend the rest of the evening with the puppies. The mother rushed back into the babies’ pen, determined to keep some of the puppies asleep.

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The first thing the mom did was check to see that her crying puppy was ok. Jimbo seemed to be fine. It was just that he had woken up. Again.

Then the mother sat back down in the pen, and Jimbo cried some more. This acted like a domino, making four of the other puppies wake up.

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The mother let the puppies climb around her and resigned herself to another night of motherhood.

She’ll miss it when it’s over!

Luckily, a camera captured this moment in its entirety. The dogs’ owner uploaded the footage to YouTube, and it went viral. To date, the video has gained over 1.6 million views. It also has more than 15,000 likes and 880 comments. People have been saying things like this:

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In the coming weeks, Jimbo and the other dogs would become less attached to his mother. He grew into a fun-loving little golden retriever puppy and soon found a new owner, Tabitha.

Jimbo settled right in to his new home. Tabitha would constantly play with him, and she had a yard and a paddling pool that he could play in all day.

Jimbo is now fully grown up. He’s a very handsome dog. He and his owner go on adventures all the time. Jimbo is the kind of dog who is always up for an adventure!

Tabitha and Jimbo have many, many more adventures to go on!

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