Visiting the beach can have beneficial and positive effects on your brain and health

Whenever we’re stressed or sick, there is always one common advice that’s given almost all the time.

Go to the beach. Spend time at the ocean. Let the water heal you.

Have you noticed that? Whenever we go to the beach for a vacation, we always come back recharged, refreshed, and well-rested. And that’s because there are so many health and mental benefits the beach, the waters, the sun, and the sand can give us.

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1. The beach is relaxing

The sounds of the ocean waters and the waves pounding on the shore in a rhythmic manner actually calm the mind. The rhythmic sounds destimulate our brains and activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us to slow down, relax and be more engaged.

Staring at the blue skies gives us a sense of peace and even creativity.

“The color blue has been found by an overwhelming amount of people to be associated with feelings of calm and peace,” clinical psychologist Richard Shuster, PsyD, explained. “Staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state.”

That’s why people always say, when they’re at the beach, “I can do this all day.” Or “I can stare at the skies all day long.” Because it gives us peace.

2. The sand is a natural exfoliant

Yes, walking on the sand helps peel off the dead skin cells in our feet and legs. Or better yet, sit down on the sand and rub the sand on your feet, legs, arms, hands and the rest of your body. You’ll leave with softer and renewed skin.

And then wash it off in the ocean water. The ocean water will help tighten your skin, leaving you with younger-looking skin, too.

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3. The beach relieves stress and makes you happy

When you’re at the beach, your body releases serotonin, which is the hormone responsible for your happiness and calm feelings. The release of serotonin helps in placing a positive effect on your mood, and your sleep, and takes away the stress.

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4. Vitamin D

Being at the beach and stepping out into the sun will help you get your natural dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps us have healthy bones and teeth, supports our immune, brain, and nervous system, regulates insulin levels, and supports lung function and cardiovascular health.

Simply stepping out for 10 minutes in the early morning unprotected can give you the Vitamin D you need. After that, put on sunscreen especially after 10 am since the rays can be harmful by then.

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5. Relieves inflammation and heals infections

Seawater contains magnesium, potassium, and iodine. They help ease any inflammations you may have and even speed up healing of any wounds or infections you may have. And these minerals even boost our immune system. If you’re feeling sick and under the weather, a trip to the beach should definitely be on your schedule.

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But it’s not just a matter of going to the beach and expecting to experience these benefits immediately. You have to help the ocean work for you.

How can you enjoy the benefits of the beach?

1. Stay disconnected

Disconnect from all your social media accounts and all technology. Stay in the present moment and simply connect to nature. You don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary, like wake up at 5am and meditate on the beach, or do sunrise yoga or the like. Just stay in the present moment, be still and enjoy every minute of it.

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2. Take it one step at a time

Yes, you’re at the beach but stop feeling pressured to enjoy every single thing the beach has to offer. Do only the things that you want to do.

Want to take a dip in the ocean in the morning and spend the rest of the day reading? Go for it. Want to walk along the beach but not take a swim? Go for it. Do what feels best for you.

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3. Apply sunscreen

When it’s after 10 am and you want to be under the sun, apply sunscreen. The sun’s rays are definitely going to be quite harmful by this time until midafternoon. It’s no longer just a healthy dose of Vitamin D. And remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

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Are you heading to the beach this weekend? Have lots of fun and enjoy what it has to offer.

Still want to learn more benefits of going to the beach? Watch the video below.

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