Woman has 'list' of around 60 men in the community that put her to bed every night


Ten years ago, Kathy Felt, of Sandy, Utah, was given a diagnosis that would change her life forever. She was told she had Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The shock barely had time to set in before Kathy’s health started to deteriorate. It wasn’t long before she was unable to do the simple things she had once taken for granted, like get into her own bed. She knew she would need to be dependent on another person throughout the day, and logically, this meant she needed to live in a nursing home.

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But as it turned out, this incredible woman never had to leave her own home – because her neighbors stepped up to help in a way that she never could have expected.

The neighbors’ gift came in the form of a list, which contained the names of sixty men from the local area, all of whom were willing to give up some of their evening hours to visit Ms. Felt’s home and offer assistance.

Of course, Ms. Felt was beyond grateful for their act of kindness. Speaking to CBS Sunday Morning, she said:

“I was so moved. This is my miracle.”

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Ms. Felt’s aides explained exactly how it was they helped her, saying:

“Take off her slippers, take off her socks. One guy gets on one side and one guy gets on the other side. Lift her up, put her on the bed.”

But they do more than just help her into bed. The men have built such a close relationship with Ms. Felt that they place her pillows exactly how she likes them, make sure her phone is close by, and even tuck her in safely! Only then do they bid her goodnight and head home.

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Then, when morning comes, Ms. Felt’s sons and an “official” aide help her. She gets by on her own until the evening, when she can rest assured that her kind neighbors will pop by, as is their usual routine. They’ve been doing it for ten years now.

The best bit about Ms. Felt’s story is that the list of volunteers to help her is only continuing to grow. Either the community she lives in is one of the kindest in the world, or Ms. Felt is just an incredibly popular woman who people can’t get enough of – we suspect it’s a bit of both!

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Of course, there wasn’t happiness all the time throughout Ms. Felt’s years of support. Apparently, some men felt “peer pressured” to volunteer, essentially meaning that they were worried about looking bad if they didn’t. Some men were clearly awkward, and even some, like John Keller, didn’t even want to do it at first.

He said: “I had always considered myself as a good person, Christian. Then I realized maybe I’m not. I just wanted to change. I wanted to be a better person.”

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Keller persevered, and by simply making sure Ms. Felt was safely in bed was all it took to truly make him a better person. Speaking of his job, he said that “burdens are sometimes blessings in disguise”.

You can watch the video below for the story in more detail.

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Source: YouTube/ CBS Sunday Morning