Woman says dog “doesn’t act like a stray”, then goes to investigate scene of old car crash

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One day, Kathy Wilkes was driving along the highway to find what seemed like a stray dog. It turned out to be a miracle.

When Wilkes, an animal rescuer, showed up on a lonely stretch of highway to rescue a rottweiler, she could tell that there was something different about this animal.

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It wasn’t acting at all like a stray.

Wilkes wasn’t too concerned at this. Sometimes, families abandon unwanted dogs on the side of the road. But what was unusual was that the animal was leading Wilkes to something.

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Confused, Wilkes followed the anxious animal, curious to see what the dog wanted to show her.

As the dog led her, she saw that there was broken glass on the ground. Then she remembered that there had been a terrible car accident on this stretch of highway a few weeks ago.

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Then among the trees, the dog showed Wilkes a bunch of items.

The dog had clearly gathered them into a pile. For some reason, the dog wanted to keep them safe.

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Wilkes looked closer and saw some personal items, such as a toothbrush, a comb and a candle.

The woman had driven past this part of the highway when the crash had happened. She remembered how bad it had been. The car had entirely flipped over.

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At first, Wilkes thought that the dog might have been in the crash. But then she dismissed the idea. The accident was so bad that she couldn’t imagine anyone or any animal surviving it.

But Wilkes wanted to find out for sure, so she called up the highway patrol.

The people at the highway patrol gave Wilkes the number of the family who had been in the crash.

Wilkes called the home apprehensively. She didn’t want to remind any remaining family members of the crash that had killed their loved ones.

But she had to find out if the dog was connected to them in some way.

Amazingly, when Wilkes called and asked if the person on the other end of the phone knew anything about the crash that had happened a few weeks ago, they responded that they had been in it.

The person on the other side was the father of the family. He revealed that he and everyone else in the car, his wife and children, had all survived the crash.

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Then Wilkes asked if a dog had been in the car. The father revealed that there had, but the rescuers couldn’t find her at the scene.

Wilkes explained that she had found a dog at the site of the crash. The family couldn’t believe it.

They had assumed that the dog had limped away, mortally injured.

Instead, she had been hiding, scared of the noises of the rescuers. After the family had left, the dog had stayed in the same spot for 13 days, waiting for the family’s return.

Soon, the family was able to visit Wilkes’s shelter and reunite with Ella, their beloved dog.

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It was an incredibly happy reunion. The family thought that they would never see Ella again. But here she was, like them, miraculously unscathed.

But the family and the dog would have to face some time apart. Due to medical expenses, the family had had to move to a smaller home, which didn’t allow dogs.

Luckily, Wilkes said that she could look after the dog until the family were able to move once more into dog-friendly accommodation.

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