10+ times people tried to sell mirrors online but went hysterically wrong

Today, there are tons of websites like eBay, Craig’s List, and others where the average Joe can sell things. One of those is mirrors. For some reason, there’s a lot of mirrors available online. That means competition is fierce. To help their item stand out, individuals do some pretty crazy things. Sometimes, they get creative and other times, they end up with photos like…well…these.
Here are 12 people determined to get their mirror sold first.

1. I have to admit — this one’s a little creepy.

I’m not sure if the seller was simply trying to be incognito or if the homeowner needs to hire someone to rid their house of ghosts. Either way, this photo definitely stands out. Just be sure to ask if the apparition comes with the mirror before buying it.

Twitter/@gabideg97 Source: Twitter/@gabideg97

2. A dog’s reflection is always a good marketing ploy

There are few things cutter than a little dog. So, why not have one pose over a mirror so that potential buyers take notice. That’s what this seller did and it seems to be working.

Instagram/craigslistmirrors Source: Instagram/craigslistmirrors

3. Ah, the famous “stair method”

Most people don’t want their faces to show when selling mirrors online. But the hand’s okay. This person came up with a unique idea although it comes across more like a disembodied hand on the stairs.

Twitter/@SivMajor Source: Twitter/@SivMajor

4. It takes a village…

…or in this case, an entire team to get a mirror sold. “Come on guys, let’s all head out to the middle of the street in the rain, do a balancing act, and see if we can’t find someone interested in this beautiful mirror.”

Imgur/@msghomer Source: Imgur/@msghomer

5. Why…just why?

There’s something very wrong about this person’s approach to selling. Perhaps all of his shirts were in the dirty laundry or maybe he was in a really big hurry to make some money and didn’t have the time to put one on. Then again, he might just not care about his presentation.

Reddit via Bored Panda Source: Reddit via Bored Panda

6. The old “child in a diaper” trick

I have a feeling this kid was sound asleep while mom or dad tried to snap the perfect photo. But before they knew it, he’d hopped out of bed and in front of the mirror. Why redo the photo — this one’s pretty darn cute.

Imgur Source: Imgur

7. I have so many questions about this one

Maybe the banana was already there and the seller was too lazy to move it. Perhaps the banana dropped out of the seller’s lunch bag and they were too busy to notice. Then there’s the chance the seller thought a banana in the photo improved the mirror’s aesthetics. I’ll never know and I’m not sure I want to.

Bored Panda Source: Bored Panda

8. Is he selling a mirror or trying to get a date?

I’m wondering if this guy got his online apps mixed up. Perhaps he took this photo to post on a dating site. After all, what woman can resist a man lovingly holding a big dog?

Twitter/@sami_somebody Source: Twitter/@sami_somebody

9. Take 29…and counting

Trying to take a photo of a mirror blindly is never a good idea. I’ll bet it took this person multiple tries to get the perfect shot. Then again, maybe they’re still at it. It might take a while for this mirror to show up online.

Twitter/@SHANISSA Source: Twitter/@SHANISSA

10. Let me give it my best “come hither” look

I’m sure this guy was just trying to get a photo that looked natural, but is it me or does it appear he’s trying to be a little bit seductive? Depending on your viewpoint, this mirror will sell quickly or not at all.

Twitter/@SivMajor Source: Twitter/@SivMajor

11. This image is scary

Whether the reflection in this mirror is garbage, a giant spider web, or a ghostly figure, it scares me. You’d think people would be more aware of what shows up in their photos. Apparently, not.

Reddit/athaliah Source: Reddit/athaliah

12. Stylish footwear helps sell mirrors

That’s what this seller thinks. Hey, who doesn’t love a good cowboy boot? But what’s with the white socks? Unfortunately, this person’s footwear distracts from the awesome mirror.

Bored Panda Source: Bored Panda

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