Girl attempts suicide after bullying – then the bully’s parents mock the victim’s mom and dad

Most parents would be horrified to learn that their child was a bully. These parents just tried to mock the victims, even after something truly terrible happened.

Bullying has ruined many people’s lives. It seems like it will always be a problem.

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Parents, on the whole, are making more effort than ever to stamp out bullying in their children.

But some parents are doing the complete opposite. The bully’s parents in this story are completely reprehensible.

Lilly-Jo Caldcott’s early life was happy. She had a family that loved her. But when she started to attend a new school, things changed.

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The once bright and happy child became ever quieter. Eventually, she would stop wanting to play with her friends. Her mom tried to ask her what was wrong. But she would never give an answer.

Eventually, the girl’s mother, Jess, got Lilly-Jo to admit that another student was doing and saying terrible things to her.

On a daily basis at school, this other girl would tug her hair, hit her, slap her into lockers, stomp on her feet and much more.

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Jess tried to bring up the bullying with Lilly-Jo’s school. But the school took no action. Instead, Jess had to see her once happy child become ever more depressed.

Eventually, Lilly-Jo stopped going into school, saying she was sick.

Jess had no idea how to solve the problem. She kept on bringing it up with the school. But the school just said that Lilly-Jo had to come in.

Jess made Lilly-Jo go back into school, hoping that things would get better.

One morning, before school began, Lilly-Jo walked up to her mother, looking ill.

The child admitted that she had swallowed lots of pills from the bathroom cabinet. She had tried to kill herself.

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Jess, horrified at the thought that Lilly-Jo could do something like this, rushed her daughter to hospital.

The doctors treated Lilly-Jo, and she soon started to recover. The next day, the child was stable.

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Jess realized that she had to take immediate action. She removed her child from that school.

The mother also decided to tell the world what her daughter had done thanks to the bully and the inaction of her school.

Finally, the school responded. The principal released a statement. Instead of expressing any sympathy for Lilly-Jo or her mother, the principal said that action had been taken and that the school took bullying very seriously. But if that was the case, then surely Lilly-Jo would never have been driven to such drastic measures.

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With the school being completely heartless and inactive, Jess decided to confront the bully’s parents. And their reaction shocked Jess even more.

Jess showed the parents the pictures of her child in the hospital. Instead of being sympathetic, the parents just laughed at Jess and swore at her. Clearly, they thought the entire series of events was hilarious.

Hopefully, Jess will be able to enroll her daughter into a much better school, that has a much better response to bullying.

Children like Lilly-Jo deserve to get an education without being harassed and assaulted by others. Sadly, that was not at all possible in her most recent school.

The parents of the bully and the leaders of the school that enabled the bully should be completely ashamed of themselves.

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