Child sits in front of public piano, draws giant growing crowd with creative medley of dance hits

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When Harrison saw a piano in a mall in Liverpool, he couldn’t resist the urge to play some of his favorite songs. Soon, the whole mall was enthralled.

It was like any other day in Britain. Shoppers went to the “shopping centre” (mall) to see what was on sale.

But a talented young pianist called Harrison knew that the best thing on offer was free: music.

He walked up to the public piano. No one was paying attention to him, but they soon would be.

Harrison Piano/YouTube Source: Harrison Piano/YouTube

He started playing, and within seconds, he was hammering out a note-perfect rendition of Children by Robert Miles.

People started noticing the child and his penchant for the piano now. They stopped, amazed that he was so good.

Harrison Piano/YouTube Source: Harrison Piano/YouTube

Just as the growing crowd was getting into the song, Harrison seamlessly switched to another tune. It was Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65. He only played this song for around 30 seconds before switching to Sandstorm by DJ Darude. This familiar melody really boosted the number of onlookers!

Harrison kept on playing hits for the mall. But when he started to play Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, the people really got into it.

Harrison Piano/YouTube Source: Harrison Piano/YouTube

Shortly after that, Harrison reprised Children by Robert Miles, letting all the latecomers enjoy the tune.

When Harrison finished his medley, the crowd cheered. Everyone sure would be telling their families about this!

Luckily, someone was filming the entire thing, and they soon uploaded it to YouTube. In no time at all, the performance went viral. In just a couple of months, it has gained over 5.5 million views. It also has more than 93,000 likes and 6,200 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Harrison Piano/YouTube Source: Harrison Piano/YouTube

But what’s really amazing is the fact that this isn’t even Harrison’s most successful video.

His biggest hit (so far) happened in 2018, when he performed a Ludovico Einaudi song for the visitors at Manchester Airport.

This video has managed to gain a whopping 14.3 million views and counting. What’s even more impressive is that Harrison was only 11 when he performed this song.

The airport coffee shop was so impressed with his performance that they gave him a free breakfast.

Harrison lives in the Northwest of England, which has a very proud musical heritage.

Flickr Source: Flickr

This region has produced a range of bands that you may just have heard of, such as The Beatles, The Smiths, The Bee Gees, The Chemical Brothers, Joy Division, New Order, Oasis, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and many more.

So if Harrison wants to become a successful musician from the northwest of England, he has some huge shoes to fill.

But then again, how many of the musicians in the above bands had managed to play music that had been listened to by tens of millions of people before becoming a teenager? When you think about it like that, the future looks incredibly bright for Harrison!

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Source: Harrison Piano