This cat loves water so much that he takes bubble baths twice a month

Cooper the Sphynx cat is truly unique in his deep love of water.

While you might know a cat that enjoys a dripping sink or is fascinated by bathwater, it’s rare for a cat to be quite as obsessed as Cooper is – in fact, he’ll jump right in the tub!

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But it’s not just bathwater that Cooper likes – he’ll find and play with water just about anywhere. There’s no watering the plants, doing the dishes, cleaning the fish tank, or even brushing teeth without his “help.”

“Wherever there is water you will find this little cat,” says dad Niklas Lundström.

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And Cooper knows when it’s time for the faucet to come on.

Here he is waiting for dad to come brush his teeth.

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Lundström has a harness for the adventurous feline and loves taking him on walks and to the beach.

Because they live in Sweden, the water is often too cold for Cooper to play in, but he’s great at tracking down swimming pools.

Alas, he’s not a very good swimmer, so Lundström bought him a kitty life jacket so he doesn’t get in over his head.

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But it seems baths are Cooper’s preferred form of liquid luxury anyway.

“The first time I noticed that Cooper was interested in water was when I took a bath. He started splashing from the edge of the tub. When he hears the water, when I go to fill the tub, he [comes] running like a rocket,” Lundström recalled.

And he doesn’t want dad’s leftover bathwater – Cooper demands his own fresh bath!

The Sphynx will let Lundström know when he’s ready to bathe by sitting on the bathmat and meowing until he gets his way.

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It would certainly be hard to resist that face!

As soon as Lundström runs the water, Cooper hops right in and happily splashes around with his paws.

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There’s only one thing Cooper loves more than his bi-weekly baths and that’s when dad makes it a bubble bath!

He really loves “patting” those bubbles.

@sphynxnille/Instagram Source: @sphynxnille/Instagram

Of course, giving a cat a bath daily isn’t good for their skin and Sphynx cats are even more sensitive. That’s why Lundström only gives in to Cooper’s bubble bath requests twice a month.

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The silly boy will even wait for his dad to give him a nice rinse after each bubble bath to get the soap off. He sits completely still and seems to enjoy every part of the ritual.

“It’s like a Sunday spa for him,” Lundström said.

The Dodo/Facebook Source: The Dodo/Facebook

A twice-a-month spa day sounds pretty great to us!

In just a few days since it was posted, a video of Cooper playing in the water has been viewed over 3 million times on Facebook, courtesy of The Dodo. And we have no doubt there are some repeat viewers out there (like us).

While plenty of people chimed in to say their cats love water as well, Cooper’s aquatic affinity is truly unique.

With a loving and patient dad and bi-weekly “spa days,” we sure hope Cooper appreciates how great he’s got it.

These two are truly lucky to have one another.

The Dodo/Facebook Source: The Dodo/Facebook

Be sure to scroll down below to see the viral video of Cooper playing with water every chance he gets. It’s hard not to laugh at this funny feline.

You can also follow Cooper and his dad on Instagram at @sphynxnille.

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Source: The Dodo via Facebook, Animal Planet, @sphynxnille via Instagram