College duo takes home dance championship with “too smooth” routine

Watching a professional swing dancer is quite the entertainment. They are ridiculously skilled and can keep the attention of an entire room without breaking a sweat! It’s a rich and complex dance that has history and roots throughout it. Even under the genre of “swing,” there are a ton of other styles and versions.

One dancing video from the 2020 National SHAG Dance Championship shows us just how amazing these different styles can be!

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In the video, we see a couple who is pretty fantastic. Ivy Claire Huiet and Jonathan Kemp are the couple who wowed dancers across the world with their routine. The college duo may be young, but their performance is a sight to see!

Their now-famous dance video won over the entire panel of judges (and 29,000 hearts on YouTube).

Since they originally posted it, the numbers seem to keep climbing! The commenters (probably many fellow dancers) voiced their support for the two and their amazement at their skill.

When the dance opens, the audience howls at the intimate scene.

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Jonathan starts by holding onto Ivy, swinging their hips and swaying side to side. The tender moment is just a taste of all the craziness that’s about to come! It gives us a good look into the easy chemistry the two have with one another.

When the music starts to pick up, the couple’s footwork gets technical.

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It’s tough to take in all the details on just one viewing, but the actual start of the whole show is the two’s feet! They tiptoe around and work together to make everything look incredible.

Jonathan does a great job, and you can see his talent.

He is a dance partner who obviously works together to make something amazing happen. No matter what, he is always right behind Ivy, showing off her skills through his own. He’s super smoother with all his moves!

Ivy is equally as amazing.

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Her smooth grace is something to be admired. With her charming smile and fancy footwork, she wins over the entire audience. It’s obvious everyone watching loves her. Together, she and Jonathan are the perfect dance couple.

We can’t even imagine how much time it took to prep for this!

The audience shows their appreciation, and most of them know the time and skill it took to pull off such a routine. For most of us “internet viewers”, we can’t really comprehend how tough it is! They aren’t here to simply win the competition; they truly enjoy the art!

After seeing the whole routine, it’s obvious why they won.

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The whole crowd exploded with cheers and applause! Clapping and screaming, they celebrated the two dancers like true championships. You know that they know that they won when they finished! With a huge hug, they finished their competition as champions.

You need to check out Jonathan and Ivy’s amazing video below!

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