Woman's crocheted nest has kept hornets away for years

We are always trying to find creative ways to stop the problems in our lives! “It ain’t stupid if it works” is a famous Southern proverb that seems to have some merit! One woman discovered that she already had all she needed to stop a serious pest problem.

Sandy Davis was looking for a solution to a household pest we have all dealt with.

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Hornets and wasps have to be some of the scariest bugs you can encounter when we dare to venture outside. A bee or beetle is cute when we see it. A wasp triggers fight or flight responses in people!

The most common way people deal with wasps and hornets is through sprays and pesticides, many of which are known to harm bees and birds.

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Sandy wanted another solution to her pest problem. Every time she was venturing to her patio, she had to be aware of potential wasps and hornets building nests.

Reading some useful information inspired a solution that was unique and could potentially save her household wildlife.

While Sandy was reading one day, she stumbled upon some information that she found quite interesting. She learned that hornets and wasps are incredibly territorial. What could she do that would play into this natural tendency to avoid other wasps?

Having a skill in crocheting, she got to work.

Deciding that she was going to use the wasp’s natural instincts against them, she crocheted her very own wasp nest lookalike! After hanging the fake nest on her patio, the results were incredible!

Hanging the nest on the patio worked wonders for her pest problem.

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Posting to Facebook four years later, she told the world her results. She said:

Hornet’s nests on the outdoor patio were always a problem until 4 years ago when I crocheted and hung my fake one after reading that hornets are territorial. Not a single one since then!

With such a crazy result, it got the attention of people all across the world who saw her post!

The response to Sandy was pretty overwhelming. She was DM’ed over 3000 times and is trying to respond to all of them!

thank you for all of the private messages, over 3000! 😮 and I am trying to answer them all, so please be patient as I work my way through them 😂

Armed with this knowledge, here are a few tips on getting rid of wasps.

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Earth Easy has an incredibly comprehensive guide on taking care of wasps and hornets. Check out some of these tips.


Taken from Earth Easy, these tips can help prevent wasps and hornets in the first place.

  • Seal entry points
  • Remove food sources (proteins and sweets are their favorites)
  • Watch what you are wearing. Bright colors and floral patterns can be attractive.
  • Avoid perfumes. The smells can cause them to be attracted to you.
  • Rub soap on wood surfaces (like birdhouses) to stop them from starting a nest
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Non-toxic and wildlife-friendly traps are plentiful and easy to use!

  • DIY water traps
  • Glass wasp trap
  • Bee Free Wasp Deterrent (this is a paper version of a nest that deters them


You can make sure your yard is safe and wasp free! Check out their website and Sandy’s incredible homemade nest below!

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