Dad sing Jingle Bells to baby daughter with his own special lyrics, and it is melting hearts

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Even very young babies love Christmas. And this dad decided to give his baby the perfect introduction to the Christmas spirit.

Every new parent must wonder how Christmassy they should make their baby’s first Christmas. Yes, it’s all fun and games, but will the child really appreciate the lengths you go to? These parents made their decision.

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The parents of Summer Noel Feldman decided to go all out with their baby’s first Christmas. As the baby’s middle name suggests, her family absolutely loves Christmas, and they made sure that Summer’s first-ever Christmas was amazing.

The baby was just four months old when her first December rolled around. And to get her into the Christmas spirit, Summer’s father decided to play her a song.

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So the daddy and the daughter went to the father’s music studio. The dad placed Summer on his lap as he sat at a keyboard and started playing a familiar tune.

The camera cut to show the dad and his baby in a few other scenes. In one, he was holding an acoustic guitar in front of the girl. In another, he and summer were in front of a microphone.

OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube Source: OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube

Then the dad started singing the familiar opening lyrics to Jingle Bells. In all of the shots, the baby was having a great time, smiling at the music her dad was making.

In some shots, the baby’s mom started moving the baby to the music, and Summer really got into dancing to her dad’s tune!

OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube Source: OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube

And then the dad added his own special lyrics to the song. They were about Jesus and the first Christmas.

By the time the dad had finished singing, baby Summer was looking happier than ever. Clearly, she loved her father’s performance!

OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube Source: OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube

And just when the video seemingly couldn’t get any cuter, it showed some outtakes from the recording.

First, the dad tried to get his daughter to sing along to the tune, and Summer replied with her own baby version.

Then the dad tried to talk to his baby about Christmas, but the baby immediately threw up.

Summer’s parents uploaded this video/song onto YouTube shortly after they’d recorded it. It became very popular on the site.

It has so far gained over 350,000 views. It’s also received a range of comments from people who loved the song and video! People have been saying things like this:

OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube Source: OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube

Summer is incredibly lucky to have two parents who are clearly so loving and happy to celebrate Christmas.

And if this is how they celebrate Christmas when their baby is just four months old, imagine how all out they’ll go when she grows into a toddler!

This video really captures the joy of having a little baby around during the holidays.

OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube Source: OurFeldmanFamily/YouTube

Sure, babies are hard work, with all of the endless crying and so on. But it’s all worth it to see them grow and love things like Christmas.

If you know anyone who has very young children, then it’s important to remind them just how precious these moments are.

There’s nothing quite like the innocence of children at Christmas. Pretty soon, they’ll grow up into little hellraisers, so parents had better enjoy it while they still can!

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