Dancers enter dance championship, wow everyone with their high-energy attitude, style, and sass

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Sure, dancing is about the moves. But it’s also about the stage presence. This couple undoubtedly had both!

Chandrae Roettig Gomez and Stephen Sayer have an impressive reputation among swing dancers. And this video really shows why.

They took to the stage at the Camp Hollywood National Jitterbug Championships, eager to please.

They stood with their backs to the audience.

Camphollywood/YouTube Source: Camphollywood/YouTube

Then Land of 1,000 Dances by Wilson Pickett started playing. Pickett sang, “One, two, three” and Sayer jumped, twisted and landed facing the audience. With another, “One, two, three,” Gomez did the same.

Then the couple started shaking their bodies while looking at each other.

Camphollywood/YouTube Source: Camphollywood/YouTube

When the music kicked in, they looked out to the audience and really started moving. They kept on stepping on the spot and shaking their arms out. These were in no way complex moves, but their energy made them seem impressive!

Then Gomez span around and when the lyrics said, “do the alligator,” Sayer mimicked an alligator chomping down on Gomez. It should have looked silly, but they pulled the move off.

Camphollywood/YouTube Source: Camphollywood/YouTube

Then they took each other’s waists with one arm and danced around the dancefloor together, showing everyone how it’s done.

Now it was time to show off some complex moves. Gomez span in the air. Sayer caught her as she did the side splits all the way to the ground and back up again.

Camphollywood/YouTube Source: Camphollywood/YouTube

But she wasn’t done. Gomez span in the air once more, and when she landed, she performed another side splits.

The audience roared at this. It takes a lot of energy to perform such complex moves so fast!

Then they span around on the spot together, keeping pace with the tempo of the song perfectly.

Camphollywood/YouTube Source: Camphollywood/YouTube

Next, they both twisted backwards, holding onto each other with one arm as they did so.

After that, they pressed each other’s backs together and slowly danced down lower while shaking their hands in the air.

Camphollywood/YouTube Source: Camphollywood/YouTube

To finish up, they shook back and forth, hopping forward while slowly lowering their bodies down to the ground again.

After the song ended, the dancers got up, and Gomez performed another spin. Clearly, she could never dance too much!

Camphollywood/YouTube Source: Camphollywood/YouTube

The pair bowed to the roaring crowd and walked offstage, knowing they’d done a fantastic job.

Pretty soon, a video of their performance made its way onto YouTube, where it soon became popular.

To date, it has gained over 345,000 views. It also has more than 2,100 likes and dozens of comments. People have been saying things like this:

Camphollywood/YouTube Source: Camphollywood/YouTube

Camp Hollywood holds the National Jitterbug Championships every single year on Labor Day weekend. The championships have been running since the year 2001 and attract some of the world’s finest swing dancers.

Hilary Alexander created the National Jitterbug Championships and its hosting organization, Camp Hollywood. She has been inducted into The California Swing Dance Hall of Fame and served on the board of the organization for five years. Thanks to Alexander, people will continue to appreciate the work of dancers like Chandrae Roettig Gomez and Stephen Sayer for many, many years.

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Source: camphollywood, Camp Hollywood