Woman uses dollhouse doors to hide electrical outlets around her home

The coronavirus has truly brought out some incredible creativity in so many people around the world. From beautiful home projects to moving art pieces, people are using this time at home to express themselves.

People are discovering their creative side.

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We are all creative. For many, it is simply the step of taking the time to work on a craft. Nobody is good at anything they do right off the bat, even “naturally creative people”. People across the world are learning new and creative things that they will hold onto for years to come.

Cristina (cristinaf on Imgur), has found a new creative hobby during lockdown.

Cristina decided that she was going to pass the time doing something that many of us have never seen before. Her project was to design a custom dollhouse door for every electrical outlet in her house!

The little creations might sound funny but when you see them, you can’t help but let out an “awww”.

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The little art pieces are incredibly cute and work perfectly as outlet covers around the house. Cristina posted a collage of one of the doors and people are absolutely loving them. There is something so miniature about them that makes you think of a fantasy world!

The first viral one was a little red door.

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The first door, as seen above, is wonderfully adorable. It has a maroon door with a little welcome mat snugly placed underneath. The frame is made with little pieces of wood and even has texture and some layering to it! Cristina just loves making them! Bored Panda records:

“My house is full of cute and creepy décor,” explained Cristina of her free-time passion. “I have always loved miniatures and dollhouses. I am known for wearing a mini teacup ring—I attached a dollhouse teacup and saucer to a ring.”

One of the coolest little features is the little key under the mat!

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What goes perfectly with a little door? A little key! Under the mat for the door is a little brass key that looks like it was custom made for the little doorknob.

Here are the directions that Cristina lists for making your own:

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“I purchased unfinished dollhouse doors on Amazon, 1:12 scale. I needed to carefully take them apart and reassemble them, as all dollhouse doors open in. I painted them and then simply hot-glued them to the existing plates on my outlets. I do not recommend this for homes with small children as they can be ripped off easily.”

She continues the directions:

“It’s important to know that these doors swing in so you need to carefully remove the bottom piece of wood (I used a razor blade,) flip the door around, and re-glue it. You may need to make a new hole for the pin that allows the door to swing. Make sure you don’t glue the door shut! Lastly, paint as you like, and add details and hot glue to the existing outlet plate.”

You can be creative too!

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These little doors now adorn Cristina’s house. Take a walk around and see if there is anything that you might want to try out while you still have the time!

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Source: Bored Panda