Plant lovers everywhere are fascinated by these see-through succulents that look covered in gems

Succulents are the perfect plant for new plant owners. These low maintenance “desert plants” are not only adorable but they thrive right in your windowsill. Succulents come in all sorts of shapes and sizes which is why most people have a large collection of these cuties.

You might even notice some of them don’t even look real.

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But as for all of you succulent moms and dads out there you know they are very alive. Plant enthusiasts everywhere are enchanted by this unique little succulent. This interesting succulent is known as the cushion aloe or star window plant and its scientific name is haworthia cooperi.

What A Gem

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The haworthia cooperi has some extremely distinct leaves that look like bubbles of water and when they shine in the light they look like little gems! The haworthia cooperi see-through leaves have captured the hearts of plant lovers. Just when you thought you had enough plants… you’ll be making room on the shelf for this little guy in no time.

Taking Care Of Your Haworthia Cooperi

Instagram/@chonkysuccs Source: Instagram/@chonkysuccs

This gem of a succulent thrives in bright light but not direct sunlight. Direct sun will harm the succulent, especially because in it’s native habitat they usually grow underground. Most of their see-through leaves would be buried underground and only the tips of their leaves stick up.

So 4-5 hours of sunlight is perfect for your haworthia cooperi to stay happy and healthy.

Instagram/@chonkysuccs Source: Instagram/@chonkysuccs

You’ll want to make sure these succulents have well-draining soil. They should only be watered once their soil is completely dried out before watering. So for all of you plant parents out there that have trouble keeping up with watering their leafy friends the haworthia cooperi is a great new addition.

It’s better to not water these plants at all as opposed to over-watering them.

Instagram/@chonkysuccs Source: Instagram/@chonkysuccs

They also sell plant moisture detectors if you have trouble deciding if your plants are overwatered or not. The haworthis cooperi’s native home is in South Africa, where they commonly grow outside all year long. Can you imagine walking to find this beautiful gem-like succulent? These see-through cuties flourish in warm climates which is why they also grow well inside of our homes. Since our houses usually stay at a temperature of around 68 and 72 ° F, the haworthia cooperi loves a great window seat.

But if you live in a warmer climate that suits them, they’d be an excellent garden addition.

Instagram/@chonkysuccs Source: Instagram/@chonkysuccs

These dazzling succulents can capture your eye pretty quickly.

You could say their abnormal leaves make them stand out from the crowd. If you have a friend that adores your haworthia cooperi, you can easily pass down cutting of your gem baby so they can grow their very own. Just simply twist off one of their see-through leaves and allow it to ‘cure’ for one day or so and place on minimally moist succulent soil so it can root. You don’t want the soil to wet or it won’t root properly.

The haworthia cooperi is a gem to add to your plant family!

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