Irish dancers entertain wedding guests – bride joins them and wows the crowd with her moves

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Every wedding has something unique about it. This bride and groom wanted to celebrate their Irish heritage. No one realized just how much.

The guests at this wedding in Lancaster, Pennsylvania had enjoyed a beautiful ceremony. Now they were settling into the reception. The entertainment for the evening started.

HooleyIrishDance/YouTube Source: HooleyIrishDance/YouTube

Two Irish dancers took to the stage. The song Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon started playing. They started showing off their moves, and everyone was enthralled.

Then another two dancers, these ones being noticeably younger, got on stage.

HooleyIrishDance/YouTube Source: HooleyIrishDance/YouTube

After a little more dancing, another six girls tapped their way onto the stage.

All the girls formed themselves into pairs and kept on tapping across the floor. Everyone could see that they had amazing rhythm.

HooleyIrishDance/YouTube Source: HooleyIrishDance/YouTube

Then they all formed a line and span around one after another, creating a ripple effect.

But then something no one was expecting happened.

The bride and groom had been looking on from behind the stage. Now the bride walked up to the stage.

HooleyIrishDance/YouTube Source: HooleyIrishDance/YouTube

She and a little bridesmaid danced onto the stage from opposite ends. Both of them were barefoot, so they wouldn’t be tapping with the same volume as the other dancers. But they would be showing off some incredible moves.

The bride and bridesmaid grasped hands and the girl went under the bride’s arm. Then the bride showed everyone that she and the girl had been well and truly practicing their routine.

HooleyIrishDance/YouTube Source: HooleyIrishDance/YouTube

Just like the dancers that were now behind them, they had perfect rhythm.

Then the bridesmaid danced off the stage, and the Irish dancers went back on stage, dancing in formation behind the bride. The bride was more than able to keep up with the professionals!

Then the bride ran to the back of the stage to rejoin her husband. The dancers, in pairs, split apart in a line. Then the bride and groom went to the front of the stage to dance together.

HooleyIrishDance/YouTube Source: HooleyIrishDance/YouTube

They ended the performance with a kiss, making the whole reception cheer.

Luckily, the entire routine was captured on camera. It soon made its way onto YouTube, where it went viral. To date, the video has gained over 3.3 million views.

The dancers in that video were from the Hooley School of Irish Dance. This school is able to produce such fine dancers because of its mission to “cultivate character and excellence through a supportive community and learning environment.”

Irish dancing is a fine tradition that the bride and groom in this video are embracing. But funnily enough, no one quite knows just how old the tradition is.

Wikipedia Source: Wikipedia

There are several reasons for this. Lots of the cultural history of Ireland was lost during the many years of Viking raids. Additionally, vast amounts of Irish culture was non-literate for many, many years. Luckily, nowadays, we have resources like YouTube to celebrate and keep Irish dance alive! It also helps that the Viking raids have become far less common.

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