Little girl has daily dance-off with mailman that brings joy to thousands

In a few days we will celebrate the arrival of another year, 2021 is already knocking on our doors and we are just too eager to welcome this brand NEW year! Without question 2020 has been really difficult for all the world to the point that even Netflix decided to make a parody film called Death to 2020!

We would have never imagined this time last year what would lay upon us because it would be just too surreal to believe it, yet here we are, we have survived. And now we are looking hopefully towards the future, and what a better way to do that than sharing heartwarming stories like the following.

The lockdown and the excessive quarantine have taken a toll on our lives, and particularly on those vulnerable groups that experienced social isolation and distancing more intensely than the rest of us. The Seniors and the children were among those who were more negatively affected by the months of quarantine, imposed as part of the government’s safety measures.

In our story today we meet a little girl, called Avlina, who during those excruciating months of the quarantine she made a new friend, following all the necessary safety measures. She would wait by her home’s window every day for the mailman to arrive.

According to her dad, Dr. David DC as he’s called on his social media accounts, Avlina who is three, would wait for Ian Simon the mailman to arrive at their house, they would both smile and wave at each other and then the real fun would start!

The duo would launch on an adorable “dance-off” that would bring joy to everyone witnessing it. First, Avlina would start dancing and then Ian would do the same from outside the house, dancing without having any real music. He would just join in the fun to make the little girl smile!

Their dancing interactions would repeat daily, forming this informal routine between them and creating a bond that would bring joy and excitement into their daily lives. Avlina’s dad was so impressed by the duo that decided to share their “dance-off” with the rest of the world and peoples’ response was incredible.

โ€œWow, I am literally so blown away by the sheer volume of kind words that I have inspired. People have said the nicest things about that video I made, about the mailman and my daughter. I just donโ€™t even know what to say about it, other than thank you,โ€ he wrote on his Instagram account.

On the other side of the street, a neighbor who witnessed Avlina and Ian’s interactions made another video, showing this time, Ian’s dancing moves. According to Avlina’s dad, Ian “waves to everyone in the neighborhood and always has a smile on his face. He really helps her and all of us through this pandemic.”

Itโ€™s been a really challenging year for everyone and sharing these kinds of stories definitely brings us all closer and brings down all the barriers that separate us. Let’s hope that the new year will bring us some much-needed peace and happiness.

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Source: My Positive Outlooks, dr.daviddc