Family finds lost dog stuck in a storm drain a week after he went missing

One of the worst experiences any pet owner can go through is their animal companion going missing.

That’s exactly what happened to Edgar’s human family, however, when they were unable to find the 4-year-old black retriever mix after a large storm.

“They are good boys, but they love to sneak out,” Edgar’s owner Sean Ryan told TODAY. “They’ll get loose and come home on their own within a night or two.”

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Edgar goes missing for a week.

Edgar ran away from the family home during the large storm. The storms kept up all week, leading the family to think the worst may have happened to Edgar.

The family’s other dog, Oscar, was sad that his friend was no longer with him. 7 days passed since Edgar had run away and unfortunately, there had still been no sign of him. The father of the family decided to take Oscar for a walk when something extraordinary happened.

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A faint cry is heard from a storm drain.

While Dad was taking Oscar out for a walk, he heard a faint cry. The man followed the source of the crying to the opening of a storm drain and that’s where he found Edgar!

“All I can see are his eyes glowing back at me,” Ryan said, tearing up at the memory. “He became frantic. He was happy to see me, but so desperate for me to get him out.”

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“I was filled so many emotions — joy that I found him, horror that he’s stuck in this pipe,” Ryan continued. “I was literally walking in circles trying to figure out what to do.”

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Fire department rescues Edgar from the drainage pipe.

Ryan called the fire department and they arrived to help rescue Edgar. They dug up the area and created a hole for Edgar to crawl out of.

“He was starving, of course …he had been lying in water, so he had something to drink, but he was covered in sores that were probably aggravated by all that fluid,” said Ryan.

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Amazingly, a trip to the vet revealed that Edgar wasn’t in that rough of shape. His wounds were treated, he was given some IV fluids, antibiotics, and parts of his fur were shaved to allow the wounds to heal. According to his family, Edgar was back to normal in no time!

“He’s bounced back quickly,” said Ryan. “In fact, he’s already returned to the scene!”

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The family vows to never let this happen again.

Ryan said that he has struggled with guilt over the incident. The family would later say they plan on getting GPS trackers for both dogs so they can let them be free without having to worry about them getting lost or stuck somewhere again.

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“I can’t believe how close I was to giving up,” said Ryan. “We walk that loop every day … I walked by him, I don’t know how many times. That’s what I hope people take from this. Don’t assume, and don’t ever give up.”

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How did Edgar get stuck in the pipe?

Ryan would also offer up the following explanation as to how Edgar got stuck in the drainage pipe:

“We think the reason he went in there was because he’s afraid of thunder,” Ryan said. “At home, he’ll wedge himself into a gap under the bed to escape … There was a storm and we think he crawled in, then ran into that vertical pipe, couldn’t go backwards and couldn’t escape.”

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending for Edgar, Oscar, and their family.

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