Woman says she won lottery and pays everyone's bill at Walmart – fan recognizes her as Sia

The Singer Who Hides Behind Props

Sia is a very popular singer and songwriter recognized by her voice but not by her face.

Breathe Me

Sia first came into the public spotlight with her release of “Breathe Me”. However, whenever she performs her face is usually hidden with props such as a mask or a wig. Her fans would be hard-pressed to identify her if they were to run into her in a public place.

On The Path To Stardom

While Sia was on her journey to Stardom she often performed with many other artists like Adele and Sean Paul, along with many others. Although very talented with every song that she performs what has brought her the most notoriety is “Chandelier”.

Her Performance At Walmart

Sia was not hired to perform in her normal manner when she visited a local Walmart. In fact, she was not hired to be there at all. She was there on her own and to serve a specific purpose.

The Disguise of A Lottery Winner

Sia was there to perform a special act and she explained her reason for doing so was because she had just won the lottery.

What Did Sia Do?

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Sia would just walk up to people at random who were in the check out lineups at this well-known store.

She would then announce that she was paying for their purchases.


Sia _Shopping
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Sia was not hiding behind any props or wearing any type of disguise. It wasn’t until after a few episodes of her act of kindness that she was recognized.

Recognition Was Not Her Intention

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Sia was not being generous as a publicity stunt or for any other reason that she wanted to pay back to her community. She wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer by lifting some of the financial burdens of some everyday shoppers. She didn’t want her identity being revealed according to one fan who said…

She didn’t want people to know who she was or why she was doing it,” one person tweeted.

As she paid for one purchase she would call out “whose next?” and move onto the next aisle.

A Closer Connection

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A Thanksgiving Made Special

Sia’s act of kindness made Thanksgiving extra special. Not just for those who directly benefited from this but all of her fans who were so impressed at both taking the time out to do this as well as her generosity.

Sia Kate is from Australia and started her music career in the mid 1990a. Not only is she a very talented singer but also an amazing songwriter. She has also gained recognition as a voice actress and a director of music videos

Private Life Is Important

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Although Sia had to pay her dues to reach the level of stardom that she has, she still cherishes her private life. When her release of “We Were Born” became such a big hit it was then that she began to feel uncomfortable about being in the limelight and this was the time that she started to conceal her identity.

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