Justice served to woman who let 11 dogs suffer in hot travel trailer with no water or A/C

Imagine yourself under the scorching heat of the sun. To make things even worse, you also do not have food, water, or air conditioning to cool yourself down. Could you endure such an uncomfortable situation?

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If we humans can not survive being exposed to high temperatures and starvation, then imagine the extreme effect that these conditions can have on our poor animals?

A case of animal cruelty took place last month so heartless that the officers were shocked by what they discovered.

It started with an emergency call.

It was August 8, when an emergency call to 911 was made by a man in Brooksville, Florida. Before the call got disconnected, he was able to report that he was bitten by a group of dogs wandering around their area.

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Another caller said that two of the three dogs ran off.

The other fled into a travel trailer at 5370 California St.

Unfortunately, the man who got attacked suffered some severe bites on his right leg and was rushed to a hospital for immediate medical attention.

They were not ready to see what was inside the travel trailer.

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Pretty soon, the Animal Enforcement Officers arrived, and thankfully, they were able to grab ahold of the two dogs. When they popped the travel trailer open to impound the dogs, they were in disbelief at what they saw.

Inside the trailer, they found an emaciated dog and eight newborn puppies!

What a heartless owner these dogs have! These poor adult dogs and pups were locked inside a trailer that’s as hot as 108 degrees!

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Due to the steaming high temperature, one of the Animal Enforcement Officers even needed treatment after suffering from heat exhaustion.

The heartless owner was then identified as Colleen Meyer.

Her capture was made possible when Deputy Harsanyi of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office was conducting Traffic Enforcement on Wiscon Road in Brooksville.

Facebook/Hernando County Sheriff's Office Source: Facebook/Hernando County Sheriff's Office

They wrote in a Facebook post:

“…he observed Meyer driving westbound. Deputy Harsanyi observed the vehicle Meyer was driving had a broken windshield and conducted a Traffic Stop.”

“Upon approaching Meyer’s vehicle, Deputy Harsanyi observed a gray adult male pit/mix in the passenger seat. Upon seeing the dog, Deputy Harsanyi realized this dog was the remaining dog that was unaccounted for from the investigation, as it was not located after it ran away.”

Facebook/Hernando County Sheriff's Office Source: Facebook/Hernando County Sheriff's Office

They also explained in the same post how they discovered the other helpless puppies that were in Meyer’s possession:

“While attempting to confine the adult female dog, AEOs heard puppies whimpering and saw one puppy on the floor of the travel trailer. The puppy, soaked with sweat and warm to the touch, was removed and placed in the cab of the AEO’s vehicle in an effort to lower its body temperature. Upon removing the adult female dog, AEOs noted that she was emaciated, with her hip, back, and rib bones protruding.”

Justice was served!

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The warrant was signed by the Honorable Judge Donald Barbee.

Meyer was then charged with nine counts of Animal Cruelty.

They said that the warrant was issued and ultimately signed due to Meyer’s cruel treatment of the animals.

A total of one adult female dog and eight newborn puppies (all pitbull mixes) were found unattended in an enclosed travel trailer with no food, water, air conditioning, or any ventilation.

Considering the circumstances and the extremely high temperature, her negligence can and did put the animals’ lives in serious danger.

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No dogs or any animal deserves to be treated in such a way.

We urge everyone to do the necessary and report any animal cruelty-related case to the authorities.

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